Your Feedback is a Good Thing for Your House Cleaning Company


Whether you’re choosing a new place to get your hair cut, deciding where to eat dinner tonight or even selecting a cleaning company, most people depend on feedback. Some ask their friends and family for input in their decisions, while others rely on sites such as Yelp or Google to check the feedback from strangers. Now more than ever, businesses require feedback to succeed. Let’s explore how house cleaning feedback can be good for your cleaning company.

Power of Positive House Cleaning Feedback

Why, exactly, is feedback so vital? Well, consider the amount of weight that you put into a good review. Or rather, not just one good review, but multiple positive reviews about one product or service. Say there are two items that are very similar, both in specs and price. Which do you choose? Many of us let the online reviews be the tie-breaker, and the one that’s better rated will be the one you purchase.

Many companies court feedback from their customers. For one thing, it offers solid social proof that they’re satisfying existing customers. Sites such as Yelp, Google and Angie’s List give users the opportunity to share their experiences with other users, and when these experiences are positive, it just reiterates the company in question’s value.

Another valuable aspect of positive comments is that it also helps the company in question climb up the Google rankings. The higher the Google ranking, the easier it is for people to find the company in a Google search, ensuring that the business is getting the maximum amount of attention.

Negative Feedback Nets Results

Of course, not all service is worthy of positive comments. That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t offer feedback, or that the business won’t benefit from it. Say, for instance, that after your cleaners have left, you find that certain details were neglected. The mirrors in the bathroom are streaky, there’s dust in the corner, or the blinds are askew. “They just had an off day,” you might think. But if that “off day” is repeated again and again, you’ll probably start looking for a new cleaning company. If you fail to report the issue, you won’t give the cleaning company the opportunity to make it right.

At Helping Hands, we find that not-so-stellar reviews help us to provide even better service. It points out our weaknesses, allowing us to bolster them, ensuring that our customers are getting the very best from us. When you share the problematic parts of the service or product you purchased, it’s up to the provider to make the necessary changes to improve that service or product. If that provider refuses to make modifications, it’s a sign that they’re unwilling to do the work required to get better.

Helping Hands Takes Feedback Seriously

With an eye toward perpetual improvement, Helping Hands has incorporated software to help us track quality issues. We’re eager to be the best we can be for our customers, and we want to gather as much information as we can to help us achieve that goal. Our fantastic quality control tracking system ties the quality scores to employee performance, so we can easily determine who is performing at their peak, and who needs additional training to be the best they can be.

We take feedback, whether it’s positive or negative, very seriously. Positive comments raise our morale, but not-so-positive comments make us work harder and better. When a client contacts us with a concern or complaint about our service, we investigate it immediately. If we find an issue, we don’t just resolve it, but we change our policies if necessary to eliminate any systemic issues that might cause it to happen again.

Are you ready to work with a cleaning company who uses your feedback to improve your service? Contact us today!

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