Local Cleaning Service Supports Cancer Patients

You walk in the door after a long day at the office or a busy day toting the kids from one activity to another—or both. You’re greeted by mud and leaves by the door, coffee stains on the kitchen counter, toothpaste in the bathroom sink, and dog hair on the carpet. It’s exhausting just looking at it all.

Now imagine walking in the door to this scene coming from an entirely different experience: while undergoing chemotherapy. Imagine being the woman fighting cancer, who is so exhausted that she simply cannot face the dust bunnies, the cracker crumbs, the unmade beds.

Thankfully, there are some quiet heroes in town offering help to women suffering from cancer. While our quiet heroes cannot offer a cure, they can help make these women’s lives easier by providing a clean home. Imagine the woman coming home from her long clinic chemo day to a sparkling house. Being able to sit back without seeing the crumbs, the cobwebs, the small reminders that she is too sick to keep up with the everyday things.

Cleaning for a Reason is a Texas-based organization offering cleaning services since 2007 to women suffering from any form of cancer. Professional cleaning services are provided by the over 600 cleaning service partners across the US and Canada. To date, the organization has helped more than 4000 women with cancer through more than $1 million in donated cleanings.

Local Elmhurst cleaning service Helping Hands Maid Services supports this cause by donating cleaning services in our area to women suffering from cancer. Owner Gosia Baran became interested in Cleaning for Reason after meeting the organization’s founder at a professional conference in 2009. Baran’s brother fought leukemia for eight years before passing away at the age of 40 in 2002. Baran recalls the struggles his family went through trying to maintain normalcy in their home while fighting his disease.

Locally, Helping Hands Maid Services typically provides this free service each month for four or five women fighting cancer. Baran says she believes in this service because it helps women who are too tired or sick from treatment to clean, who cannot afford cleaning services due to the expense of the medical treatments, and who find that the chemicals used while they clean make them feel worse. Baran says, “As we celebrate our 10-year anniversary next month, I am especially grateful to our loyal customers. Without them, we could not provide this service to women in need.”

During October, Cancer Awareness Month, attention is drawn to increasing awareness for various forms of cancer by raising money for research, treatment and support programs. Why not also draw attention to a service that eases the lives of those who already have enough on their minds?