Top Five Summer Cleaning Tips For Your Home

You’ve probably heard about spring cleaning, but summer cleaning? Summertime means family vacations, cold glasses of lemonade on the porch, and barbecues in the backyard, not toiling indoors.

Unfortunately, your home isn’t concerned about how you’d prefer to spend your time, and the chores that make your home a lovely place to live still must be done as well as the special summer-specific tasks that roll around once a year.

Read on to learn how to tackle the summer cleaning in a way that will leave time to enjoy fun in the sun.

Wash the Windows

The sun shining through the windows is lovely, but if the sun’s rays only serve to highlight the streaks, pollen, and debris that have accumulated on the glass, it’s not as appealing. Clean your windows inside and out, using a good rubber squeegee and lint-free microfiber cloths to ensure a streak-free (and environmentally friendly) shine.

The pleasant weather offers you the opportunity to pull down the screens, hosing them off to ensure that they’re thoroughly clean before you open your windows to enjoy the breeze. Be sure to clean the window sills, particularly focusing on the space between the window and screen.

Don’t neglect your glass patio doors. As your family goes in and out throughout the summer, fingerprints and nose prints from the family pet accumulate up and down the door. (You can determine who’s opened the door recently based on the height of the fingerprints!) Take the time to wipe down the glass as part of your summer cleaning routine.

Summer Cleaning Your Patio Furniture

The beautiful summer days and balmy summer nights lead to more time spent outdoors. Unfortunately, your patio furniture spends its time outdoors all day and all night, where it’s subjected to dirt, debris, and bird droppings. No one wants to sit on a dirty at best, unhygienic at worst, patio chair. (It’s even more frightening when you factor in the potential for contamination on tables and other surfaces where you eat.)

While your instinct might be to use abrasive chemicals to ensure that your furniture gets as clean as possible – warm, soapy water and a sponge are just as effective and less likely to damage your furniture. With a little elbow grease, you’ll be sitting in a clean seat in no time.

Prep Winter Bedding

The toasty warm blankets and comforters that kept you cozy throughout the winter are ready for some TLC. Now that you’re ready to put the light-weight linens on your bed, take the time to properly wash your heavy bedding before you store it for the rest of the season.

Winter-weight bedding might be harboring potentially harmful bacteria that should be eliminated before you break it out when the weather turns cold again.

Summer Cleaning Air Vents

It’s not cheap to cool your home under the best of circumstances, and when your air vents are clogged, it makes your air conditioner far less efficient. Not only is your home warmer than you like, but you’re wasting time and energy.

Additionally, you’re spreading allergens throughout your home, increasing your chances of getting a dreaded summer cold. Cleaning your vents and frequently changing your air conditioning filter will keep your home cool and your family healthy.

Dusting is Part of Summer Cleaning

Dust builds up more in the summer than in other seasons, so it’s very important that you don’t neglect this chore. Be sure to hit the commonly missed spots, including the tops of appliances, cabinets, blinds, and anything that hangs on the walls.

Use a clean, damp microfiber cloth that’s been completely wrung out, folding it into squares, exposing a new side as one fills with dirt. While dry cloth dusting might sound like a better choice, it can lead to scratches or a dulled finish to your furniture.

Once you’ve completed these chores, you can go back to your regularly scheduled summer activities knowing that you’ve done everything you can do to make your home a clean and healthy place to live.

Not interested in interrupting your summer fun to take care of your summer cleaning tasks? We’d love to help! Contact Helping Hands Cleaning Services today to get an estimate!