How to Spot Clean Your Sofa

how to clean sofa

Your sofa is one of the biggest investments you make for your home. Knowing how to spot clean your sofa will help extend the life of this important piece of your home decor.

It’s happened to everyone— you sit down to watch a little television or read a book, and you see a spot. Maybe one of the kids wiped their dirty hands on the arm of the couch, or maybe your dog jumped up with dirty paws. Understanding the ins and outs of spot cleaning your sofa will help you remove the blemish in no time. While a full clean should be left to professionals, you can spot clean your sofa when spots appear!

With that in mind, we’ve put together a guide for safely spot cleaning your sofa without hurting the fabric and damaging your big investment.

Spot Clean Your Sofa Step #1: Vacuum

Vacuuming removes loose dirt from your sofa. Remember to vacuum under the cushions as well as the top of the sofa. Use a handheld vacuum or an attachment to safely remove loose soil and debris. Incorporating this into your routine doesn’t just improve the appearance of your sofa, but it also cuts down on the dust in your home.

Routine vacuuming also brings any spots on your sofa to your attention, even small ones that might otherwise go unnoticed. Doing this regularly will increase the likelihood you can get the spots up yourself. You might be able to put off hiring professional cleaners to clean your furniture a little longer.

Spot Clean Your Sofa Step #2: The Right Cloth

Always make sure you use a white cloth cotton or microfiber cloth. Cloths of any other color may bleed into the fabric, making the spot look even worse than it already does. It may also stain your sofa as you clean it, which is impossible to remove.

Remember, a white cloth isn’t just for cleaning the spot, but drying as well.

Spot Clean Your Sofa Step #3: The Right Cleaner

The only safe way to clean the fabric on your sofa is to dampen a wet cloth in water and then blot the spot. Don’t rub, as this can further push the spot into the sofa. Before you use any chemicals or cleaners on your fabric, be sure to conduct a fiber test. Testing the fiber is far more reliable than the depending on the codes on the tag of your couch.

However, you probably don’t have the necessary tools to do this testing yourself. IICRC certified carpet and upholstery cleaners have the equipment to do this kind of testing. If your sofa does not have tags with cleaning instructions, you should never use cleaner on it before you do a thorough fabric testing. You don’t want to destroy a clearly visible part of your sofa by trying to spot clean with a product that will do more harm than good.

Spot Clean Your Sofa Step #4: Dry Completely

Drying your sofa’s fabric is vitally important for the overall health of the fabric. Again, using a clean, dry, white cloth is the best way to dry the sofa. Press your cloth gently into the area with the spot and soak up as much moisture as possible. Use multiple cloths if necessary. Using a fan pointed toward the wet area will also help dry the sofa thoroughly. Do not sit or lay on the spot until it has completely dried.

If you find that your spot cleaning is not making a difference, it might be time to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company.

Professional Residential Cleaning

With your busy life, spot cleaning your sofa is not the only time-consuming cleaning task you may not have the time or energy to do. Why not take that stress off your plate and hire a professional home cleaning service?

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