Removing Pet Stains and Odors from Carpet: Best Left to the Pros?

According to the ASPCA, 44% of all American households have a dog, while 35% have a cat. Most pet owners know that, while we love our furry friends, they can leave a lasting impression on your carpets. Whether it’s a visible stain or a persistent odor, it probably feels like your carpets will never be the same again.

However, if you take quick action and follow up with a professional, visitors to your home might not believe that a pet lives there unless they see Rover or Fluffy with their own eyes. Read on for more information about removing pet stains and odors from carpet.

Why is Pet Odor So Pervasive?

You love your pets, but the smells that accompany them are often tough to take. What makes pet odor, particularly pet urine, so difficult to remove?

The primary culprit is the chemical makeup of your pet’s urine. It’s nitrogen-rich, and that gives it the characteristic ammonia smell that makes removing pet stains and odors from the carpet so challenging. However, the bacteria in your pets’ fecal matter can create a strong stench, too, and when the two are combined and improperly cleaned, the odor could become a permanent part of your home. Pet vomit is yet another issue, as the stomach acid can harm your carpet as well as other surfaces.

Steps for Removing Pet Stains and Odors

Now that you understand why pet odors and stains are so stubborn, let’s look at how you can remove them.

Act Quickly

Even the best-trained pet has an occasional accident. Whether the kitty misses the litterbox or the dog doesn’t quite make it outside in time, it’s an inevitable part of pet ownership.

Hopefully, you’ll be on hand when the accident occurs. Then, you can blot the carpet to absorb as much of the urine as possible. If you don’t do it quickly, the urine will soak through to the carpet pad, where it’s far more difficult to treat.

Contact a Professional

While you might be tempted to simply purchase an odor remover from your local pet store, that could make matters worse. While they might make some big promises, all they actually do is cover up the real issue.

Stain removers are no better. In fact, it’s possible that they could make the stain a permanent part of your carpet’s landscape. You’re better off contacting a professional who can ensure that the stain will go and stay gone.

A professional can go beyond simply masking the odor, and they can remove the stain far better than any over-the-counter substance. They have the proper tools, chemicals, and the know-how to neutralize the unpleasant smells and unsightly blotches that your precious pets might leave behind.

In fact, a pro will inspect the carpet with an ultraviolet light to be sure that no hidden spots go undetected. Then, they’ll pre-treat the affected areas, flush the areas to remove all bacteria and protein contaminants from the carpet as well as the padding., and then utilize the hot water extraction method to remove the pollutants.

The pros will utilize the hot water extraction method to remove the pollutants. Next, the stain remover is applied, and finally, they speed dry the carpet to ensure that there’s no moisture left behind.

Find the Right Resource

Helping Hands Cleaning Service offers residential and commercial carpet cleaning services to our customers. In fact, we’re proud to report that we have IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning, and Restoration Certification) Certified technicians who utilize their specialized technologies to restore your carpet as close to like-new condition as possible.

Contact us today to schedule your cleaning to get started with removing pet stains and odors from your carpeting.