What Key Qualifications Should You Look For in a House Cleaning Service?

Whether you’re hoping to remove one extra thing from your weekly to-do list, preparing for an event or an impending houseguest, or even looking for a little extra elbow grease to handle those dusty corners each spring, you can’t be too cautious when you select a new cleaning service to clean your home. After all, you are entrusting someone else to come into your home and take care of it as if it were their own.

The payoff? Many people find that coming home to a cleaner home reduces stress. From the anticipation, list-making, and planning to finding the time it takes to actually clean your home, just thinking about cleaning your home can cause extra unwanted stress. 

Here in the community of Hinsdale, with many residents commuting daily into Chicago, there is already less time for spring cleaning – or even regular weekly cleaning for that matter – because of the extra drive time to and from work. Hiring a cleaning service is a great way to alleviate this worry, and free up your time for the more important things in life. 

But what should you expect when you are searching for a top-quality house cleaning service?

The Details: What You Want (and Need) to Happen

When you hire a house cleaning service, it’s important that you’re on the same page with the cleaning technicians so that you are always pleased with the work you receive. Does your team take special requests if you need some extra dusting or your shower needs a little more scrubbing? You may have questions about how things work. At Helping Hands Cleaning Services, we are happy to answer.

You must determine if the cleaning company you are considering is able to help you cross different things off your list each week, or if they plan to perform the same tasks each time they visit.  When you hire a cleaning service, you should plan to ask what services they offer and what their strategy is from visit to visit. With this information, you’ll know that you’ll always end up with exactly the kind of cleaning you want and need.

The Nitty Gritty: Insurance

One of the main things to look for in a cleaning service is that the company is insured or bonded. Without this kind of coverage, you may be on the hook for lost or stolen items, property damage, or even if a worker is injured in your home. You also want your cleaning company to cover worker’s compensation as well. 

Any cleaning company should be able to provide you with their insurance credentials at your request so that you can rest easy knowing that should the worst-case scenario happen while your home is getting a deep clean, you aren’t financially responsible. 

Paying for an insurance policy is an additional expense for a cleaning company, and you may see this reflected in a higher rate than an uninsured or non-bonded company. However, it’s vital to remember that when you hire a cleaning service, you are letting people into your personal space. The added protections are absolutely worth it, should disaster strike.

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The Main Players: Cleaning Personnel

Another non-negotiable qualification your cleaning service should have is that the personnel should be top-notch. What does this mean? How can you be sure that your cleaning service’s employees are the best of the best? When interviewing cleaning services, you will want to find out if their employees have to provide the following information and receive the following training:

  • Background checks
  • Training in cleaning techniques
  • Safety training
  • Security (including theft)

Additionally, you should ask about employee turnover. If a cleaning service is frequently hiring new technicians, not only will you receive different (and sometimes inconsistent) attention from constant new hires, but this also could be a red flag about what kind of business the cleaning company runs. Do they treat their employees and clients well? Do people want to work for them?

The team at Helping Hands Cleaning Service not only works to the highest of standards, but since 2001, our team has been both client-focused and technician-focused, so that both our clients and our employees are happy. The happier our team is, the happier our clients are with the stunning result of a sparkling clean home.

The “Green”—  Environmentally Conscious

The Village of Hinsdale is making a push for the community to be more environmentally friendly, and what many do not realize is that certain cleaning products can be rough on the environment. Harsh chemicals, paper towel waste, and harmful sprays send toxins into the air, pollute our landfills, and waste lots of water in their creation and use. Because of this, cleaning can be a nasty business as well as a wasteful one.

However, at Helping Hands Cleaning Services, we are committed to being conscious as to how our work affects our planet. We use only earth-friendly products to keep your family and home free from chemical exposure and protect the earth, all at once. In fact, our products are so safe, you can use them around both children and pets. 

With the use of essential oils and non-toxic, all-natural cleaning products, we not only give your home a thorough cleaning, we work to maintain our beautiful planet as well. It’s totally possible: a clean, streak-free home, and a home free from the toxins that make up some of today’s cleaning products. 

Want more time to take the family to Hinsdale Community Swimming Pool or Robbins Park, or need more time to commute into the city for work? Consider hiring a cleaning service to help you out. But before you do? Check to make sure it’s a cleaning service you know you can trust wholeheartedly to take care of your safe haven.

Ready to see how qualified and dedicated Helping Hands Cleaning Services is when it comes to getting your home to look its very best? Request a quote today!

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