Our Commercial Cleaning Services Guarantee

We guarantee that our customers will be 100% satisfied. If for some reason something does not meet your expectations, please inform our office within 24 hours and we will return to re-clean any areas of concern. We guarantee to have your concerns addressed within 24 hours. All calls and appointments will be scheduled during business hours only. Helping Hands Cleaning Services will only guarantee work that was completed and paid for by the client.

Quality of Cleaning is our #1 priority! 

Each team is supervised by a team leader who is responsible for ensuring that the cleaning is done to your satisfaction. We also employ a quality manager to perform periodic checks while the teams are cleaning. We are also connected with you via our quality survey. We send survey after every time we clean your home. We want to know how we are doing every time we are in your home. Quality is our #1 priority!

Peace of mind

We focus on providing a service where our clients have peace of mind that the cleaning is done with the same care and effort that you would do if you had the time. We run a professional service, schedule cleaning times that are convenient for you, specialize in fine finishes, and help maintain our client’s quality surfaces. In order to maintain the highest quality service, we survey every cleaning. We want to know how our clients feel about the cleaning services we provide.