Online Booking Vs. In-Home Estimate: Which is Right For You?

In the modern age, there are two primary ways to hire a house cleaning service: online booking and in-home estimate. Online booking means that you reach out through the cleaning service’s website to let them know that you’re  interested in their service.

While an for an in-home estimate the owner or a representative of the cleaning service comes to your home to walk the space and give you an estimate based on the services you require and the size and condition of your home.

But which is right for you? Online booking or in-home estimate? Read on for more information about the differences between the two.

Is Online Booking Right For You?

Online booking is quickly becoming a necessity for any cleaning service who hope to reach a more youthful crowd. Here are some of the pros and cons of online booking.

Online booking Advantages

Time-saving— You can sign up for service whenever you want, day or night. There’s no waiting for the business’s owner to return your phone call. In some cases, online booking enables you to get an instant quote and schedule your appointment at a time that will work for you.

Easy for customers— Now, there is online booking software that will allow you to book a cleaning via desktop computer as well as mobile device. The convenience factor indicates that the service understands that your time is at a premium, and they want to make it as easy for you to contact them as possible.

Online Booking Disadvantages

It requires you to share a lot of information— When you fill out an online booking form, be prepared to answer a lot of questions, including the following:

  •  Where are you located? (City, neighborhood, subdivision)
  • What type of service do you need? (One-time, ongoing, move out)
  • How often do you want your home cleaned?
  • Have you used a cleaning service before? If so, when was it last serviced?
  • Why did you stop using your last cleaning service?
  • Can you tell us the square footage of your home?
  • The number of bedrooms?
  • The number of bathrooms?
  • One story or multi-level?
  • Number and types of pets?
  • How many people live in the house?

No in-person meeting prior to the cleaning— You’ve simply got to trust that the cleaning company is dependable. You can always request customer testimonials from the service or seek out online reviews if you’re concerned about letting strangers into your home. Additionally, a professional cleaning company will have highly-trained, carefully screened employees who are held to a high standard.

Is an In-Home Estimate Right For You?

An in-home estimate requires the cleaning service to come to you— they actually walk through your home, offering you an estimate of the services you want them to do. Or they will explain their most popular cleaning packages so you can choose the one that works best for you.

Advantages of an In-Home Estimate

Accuracy— You’ll know that the estimate accurately reflects your home dimensions and level of effort required. An online booking typically has a disclaimer attached, saying that the estimate could change based on the condition of the home. With an in-home estimate, the cleaning service will have the whole picture prior to quoting a price.

Personal touch— If you want to know a little more about the organization, you’ll get a better picture if you invite them to your home and speak with the owner or a representative one-on-one. Then, you can ask the questions you have about the organization as well as their processes.

Disadvantages of In-Home Estimate

Time-consuming— If you’re exceptionally busy, it could be difficult to schedule a time when the service is available to bring them in to make the estimate. Additionally, the back-and-forth phone calls can eat up even more of your valuable time.

Inconvenient— Rather than simply filling out a form online, you're forced to go through many steps before you’re even able to schedule the first cleaning. If you’re truly in a hurry, online booking might be the preferable option for you.

Are you ready to bring a professionally trained, highly recommended, experienced cleaning service into your home? Helping Hands Cleaning Service is here for you. Whether you prefer online booking or an in-home estimate, we can accommodate your needs! Contact us today!