No-Guilt Reasons Why Stay At Home Moms Hire a Cleaning Service

As a stay at home mom, you probably feel a lot of pressure to be able to “do it all”— no stay at home moms hire a cleaning service because they're expected to handle everything on their own, right?

If you don’t have a job to go to, you should be on top of all of your family's needs, and your house should be company-ready at all times. That's not the reality for most stay at home moms. Their day starts before their children wake up, and ends well after they're tucked into bed, and cleaning is wedged in between carpool duty and volunteering for many. Here are five no-guilt reasons why stay at home moms hire a cleaning service. 

No-Guilt Reason #1: You're Already Wearing a Lot of Hats

“Stay at home mom” is not just one job— it's a million jobs! The many positions you hold as the parent at home include: Chief Financial Officer for your family

  • Laundress 
  • Cook
  • Personal Shopper
  • Tutor
  • Chauffeur
  • Therapist
  • Assistant

That long list does not need to include cleaning lady. 

In business, tasks are delegated. There is not one person who does everything for a company. You are in the business of running a household and it is more than okay to hire a cleaning service. You'll be happier and more effective in your other jobs. 

No-Guilt Reason #2: You'll Manage Your Time More Efficiently

Any parent will tell you as your children are growing, there is high importance on managing your time. Unfortunately, life is not perfect.  Determining when and how tasks around the house will be accomplished has to remain flexible. A morning that you've marked for cleaning can be disrupted by a sick child or a car that needs to go into the shop. 

When stay at home moms hire a cleaning service, they no longer have to worry about time being diverted for the inevitable emergencies that pop up— the house will still get cleaned, and cleaned quickly and professionally, without any additional effort on their part.

No-Guilt Reason #3: You'll Have Some Much-Needed Quality Time with Yourself

When your kids are young and not in school it is difficult to find the time when they are elsewhere to clean the house. They might be in preschool or a mommy’s day out program, but is that the time you want to go home and clean? Of course not! Every parent knows that it’s much easier to run to the grocery store when you're not dragging a resistant three-year-old behind you. Or maybe you just want to ​spend a couple hours reading a book by yourself.

Even when your kids start school, finding the time to clean during the day when they aren’t with you can be challenging. They have projects and sports, errands that must be attended to, and you might choose to volunteer with their school. A “stay at home” mom doesn’t really just stay at home.  Many stay at home moms hire a cleaning service to enable them to spend their time in the way that feels best for them and for their families. 

No-Guilt Reason #4: It's Better for the Health of Your Family

The cleanliness of your home goes beyond appearance. Having your home regularly cleaned by trained professionals reduces the germs and bacteria that can cause illness. Let’s face it— kids, animals, and even adults have been known to track dirt and grime into the house.  Having your kids stay healthy all year long is a goal for any parent and regularly cleaning all of the germ "hotspots," like door knobs and light switches, can help keep your family safe from the flu.

Hiring a cleaning service that uses green cleaning products also helps to keep your family healthy. Kids and pets might be sensitive to harsh chemical cleaning agents, so when stay at home moms hire a cleaning service, it's important to ask what kinds of products they use to clean your home.

No-Guilt Reason #5: You'll Be More Present for Your Family

The most important thing to your kid is that you are present in the moment with them. When you are doing homework, when you’re playing a game, at their soccer games, at their piano recitals,  or when they just want to spend time with you, you’re totally there. Additionally, you also want to make time for your spouse to keep your marriage healthy and happy. After all, you probably didn't marry that person so they would help you clean the house!

There shouldn’t be any guilt heaped on when stay at home moms hire a cleaning service. It offers you the ability to have more of your time devoted directly to your family. Let Helping Hands Maid Service take cleaning off your to-do list. Contact our helpful customer service team today to book your cleaning!

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