House Cleaning Services in La Grange Park, IL

House Cleaning Services La Grange Park, Illinois

There has been an upward trend of young families moving to the well-to-do Village of La Grange Park and it is easy to see why. The small village has some of the best public and private schools in Chicagoland and is an easy commute for all of those who work in and around downtown Chicago. Helping Hands Cleaning Service knows how busy the residents of La Grange Park are and we are here to provide them with an easier way to keep their homes a clean and healthy environment for their friends and family. 

A Commitment to Going Green

La Grange Park is known for its residents’ commitment to using sustainable products and keeping their community a vibrant and healthy. You need only to look to the community clean-up day and the Rain Barrel program to see that La Grange Park is dedicated to making their community a better place. 

Helping Hands uses only products and equipment that are environmentally safe, including the use of essential oils in our cleaning products. We know the residents of La Grange Park want to keep their loved ones healthy, and we are committed to only use products that will prevent germ growth and spread. We can keep your home and office a healthy environment for your family and your employees. 

What Helping Hands Cleaning Services Can Do For You

Young families and working professionals do not have a lot of time on their hands. Time is taken out of your day with your commute to and from work. Kids have after-school activities. Many residents in La Grange Park participate in community outreach. 

La Grange Park also has a wide variety of festivals to enjoy with your friends and family, like the Annual Jazz and Blues Festival and the Concert Under the Stars Series. Let Helping Hands Cleaning Service take an item off of your list, and hand the cleaning responsibilities over to us. 

We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly residential cleaning service schedules so we can tailor your cleaning services to your needs.

House Cleaning Services

Areas in the home that we clean include:

• Bathrooms

• Bedrooms

• Dining room

• Family room

• Foyer/hall/stairs

• Home office

• Kitchen

• Laundry room/utility room

• Living room

Office Cleaning Services

We have specially trained cleaning professionals who take care of our office cleaning clients. We know how important the impression your office makes on your clients is, and our cleaning teams ensure you always look your best.

Each job is custom tailored to your needs, but usually includes:

• Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms

• Vacuuming all floors

• Mopping or scrubbing all hard floors

• Removal of trash and relining trash cans

• Dusting all furniture, wall-hangings, desktops and other areas as needed

• General straightening and organizing of lobbies and similar areas

Move In/Out

Homeowners moving into an existing home in La Grange Park can take advantage of our move-in cleaning, so you can rest assured any mess left behind by previous residents or any pet dander or other allergen causes will be swept away by our cleaning professionals. We also offer a move-out cleaning which is incredibly helpful when a home is on the market for sale. Our house cleaning routine for move in/out includes:


• Cabinets washed inside and outside

• Appliances washed inside and outside

• Light fixtures cleaned

• Floor washed on hands and knees


• Shower/ tub washed

• Mold treatment

• Toilet cleaned

• Sink cleaned

• Light fixtures cleaned

• Floor washed on hands and knees

• Cabinets washed inside and outside

Rooms (living, family, dining, bedrooms)

• Baseboards washed

• Doors washed

• Trims washed

• Window sills washed

• Blinds vacuumed or washed

• Light fixtures washed

• Vents vacuumed

• Ceiling fans washed

• Carpets vacuumed

• Hardwood floors vacuumed and washed

• Closet floors vacuumed or washed inside

• Closet shelves washed

Our Teams Are On-Time and Trustworthy

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a bonded and insured company. When we hire new team members, they must pass a background check and undergo a vigorous training regime before they are ever sent out independently to clean. Our cleaning professionals are trustworthy and punctual. 

While we endeavor to send out the same team to your home or office every time, our priority is that you never miss a cleaning. You can count on our cleaning teams showing up at their scheduled day and time. 

Don’t waste another minute. Call our customer service team in La Grange Park today to receive your free estimate for your cleaning needs! Helping Hands Cleaning Services is excited to get you back to doing all the things you love while still knowing your home is a clean, healthy, and welcoming environment.