10 Reasons to Hire a Professional House Cleaning Service


A clean home might feel unattainable to many families. Whether you both work, or if one of you is home caring for young children all day, the last thing you feel like doing is cleaning. If you wish for the peace of mind knowing your home is clean and sanitary, but don’t have the time nor the inclination to do it yourself; you should seriously consider hiring a professional house cleaning service. If that’s not sufficient incentive, here are 10 more reasons to consider it.

Why a Professional House Cleaning Service Enhances Your Life

  1. Improved Quality of Life — What would you do if you didn’t have to spend your spare time tidying your house? Hiring a professional house cleaning service will free up time for you to do the fun things you love. Are you an avid reader, or maybe you enjoy spending time with your family? Do you like to hike, or maybe take in a movie? A professional house cleaning service will allow you to pursue the activities you love.
  2. Come Home to a Clean House — There’s nothing worse than coming home from a long, hard day of work to a messy, disorganized house. It’s disheartening to realize that your home, your SANCTUARY, is not a place you can relax. And you know that the worse it gets, the harder it is to get motivated to take care of it. Or, you could relax and allow the professional house cleaning service to handle it, and come home to a freshly cleaned house, raising your spirits after a tough day at work.
  3. Give Your Body a Break — Cleaning your house can be a very physically taxing task. Instead of handling the hard work, give yourself (and your body) a break! Allow the professionals to give your house the good deep cleaning it needs.
  4. Scheduled Cleaning — If you’ve got your professional house cleaning service coming on a regular schedule, you KNOW the cleaning will get done. How many times have you fully intended to get around to cleaning your house, but something came up that prevented you from doing it? You might have the best intentions in the world, but if you don’t adhere to a regular cleaning schedule, you’ll have a buildup around your faucets, thick dust on the furniture, and your floors will be filthy. Take this off your plate!
  5. All-Pro Cleaning — You might think you’ve thoroughly cleaned your home, but it’s very likely that a professional cleaner could come in and point out things that you’ve missed. A pro will clean all those hard-to-reach spots, such as the ceiling fan blades, the top of the refrigerator, or the cobwebs in the ceiling corners and vents. Also, a professional cleaning service will handle things that you don’t want to tackle, such as the baseboards or window blinds.
  6. Professionals Know Best — A professional house cleaner will understand what’s needed to properly care for the many surfaces in your home. Unfortunately, there are no one cleaning products that can be used on every single surface—and if you use the wrong cleaner on a surface like granite, you could potentially cause permanent damage.
  7. Professionals are Properly Insured — Sure, you could hire an individual or “cleaning lady” to come and clean your home for less money, but you’re just inviting a potential liability claim on your own insurance. Should they injure themselves, you’re going to be responsible for that. And if they damage your property, they won’t have the necessary insurance (or, most likely, the funds) to cover the damage. A professional house cleaning service will be properly insured, so you won’t have to worry about liability should the worst-case scenario become reality.
  8. Professionals Have the Best Equipment — It’s probable that you don’t have heavy-duty equipment and professional-grade cleaning products that a professional cleaning company would have access to. You’ll no longer have to spend money on the expensive cleaning products sold in the grocery stores, which often aren’t as effective as what the pros use. Their tools and equipment can handle jobs of any size quickly and efficiently, saving you money in the long run.
  9. Guests are Welcome — The sound of your doorbell ringing won’t strike fear into your heart as you wonder when you last cleaned the guest bathroom. If you have your home cleaned regularly by professionals, you won’t be embarrassed by weeks of soil build-up in your sinks, toilets, or floors. Sure, you might have to grab the clutter that inevitably accumulates, but you’ll be confident that your guests won’t be grossed out!
  10. Happy Family, Happy Life — It’s worth restating— the less cleaning you and your family have to do, the more you can focus on spending quality time together, doing the activities you love to do. Also, taking the task of cleaning off your plate will give you time to tackle other projects, like painting the spare bedroom or shopping for new furniture for the family room. Or, you can spend more time outside, enhancing your outdoor living space.

Hiring a cleaning service might feel like an unnecessary expense, but can you really afford NOT to hire one? The feeling of peace and well-being you get when you walk into your clean home is truly priceless. Contact us today to get started on enjoying the rest of your life!