House Cleaning Services in Hinsdale, IL

Hinsdale, Illinois Cleaning Services

The quaint, historic village of Hinsdale, Illinois is a peaceful and safe place to raise a family in the western suburbs of Chicago. Just a 22 minute express train ride into the city, many residents of Hinsdale commute to work in downtown Chicago. 

Helping Hands Cleaning Services has been helping residents of Hinsdale seize control of their free time since 2001. We offer residential cleaning services, allowing families to enjoy the historic downtown Hinsdale and all the entertainment Chicago has to offer just a short ride away. 

Safe and Reliable

Helping Hands Cleaning Services only hires individuals who have passed a thorough background check; we also ensure that our hires undergo a substantial amount of training. Most of Hinsdale’s households are family units— we know how important it is to you to keep your family or your business safe. Only the most trustworthy cleaning professionals will be in your home or place of business.  

We strive to stay consistent. The same cleaning teams coming to your home or office week after week and you can rest assured we will show up on the day and at the time that we are scheduled. If you run a business, outsourcing your office cleaning means you will never have an employee call in sick and miss a cleaning. 

Environmentally Conscious

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is committed to keeping your home and office healthy and clean with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our cleaning professionals use only natural cleaning products, including essential oils. 

This ensures your home or office is a healthy environment. Our cleaning practices will not provoke allergy attacks or promote germ growth, both of which can lead to illness in your family or employees. 

Services Offered

Hinsdale is home to many amazing shops and businesses, and we offer cleaning services to them all. We will specialize a cleaning plan for your business specific to your needs and the time of day that is best suited to your schedule. 

Helping Hands Cleaning Services knows Hinsdale’s residents’ time is precious. Busy work schedules and hectic extra curricular activities for children make quality family time even more important. Let us take the stress and worry of cleaning out of your schedule. We offer weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly residential cleaning.

House Cleaning Services

Areas in the home that we clean include:

• Bathrooms

• Bedrooms

• Dining room

• Family room

• Foyer/hall/stairs

• Home office

• Kitchen

• Laundry room/utility room

• Living room

Office Cleaning Services

We understand the importance of your company’s image and office appearance. Our trained professionals will provide you with our high quality cleaning services to upkeep that image.

Each job is custom tailored to your needs, but usually includes:

• Cleaning and sanitizing of bathrooms

• Vacuuming all floors

• Mopping or scrubbing all hard floors

• Removal of trash and relining trash cans

• Dusting all furniture, wall-hangings, desktops and other areas as needed

• General straightening and organizing of lobbies and similar areas

Move In/Out

Whether you are a real estate agent listing a property for sale or a homeowner moving into the home of your dreams, we’re available to help with the move-in ready cleaning. Our house cleaning routine for move in/out includes:


• Cabinets washed inside and outside

• Appliances washed inside and outside

• Light fixtures cleaned

• Floor washed on hands and knees


• Shower/ tub washed

• Mold treatment

• Toilet cleaned

• Sink cleaned

• Light fixtures cleaned

• Floor washed on hands and knees

• Cabinets washed inside and outside

Rooms (living, family, dining, bedrooms)

• Baseboards washed

• Doors washed

• Trims washed

• Window sills washed

• Blinds vacuumed or washed

• Light fixtures washed

• Vents vacuumed

• Ceiling fans washed

• Carpets vacuumed

• Hardwood floors vacuumed and washed

• Closet floors vacuumed or washed inside

• Closet shelves washed

Contact Helping Hands Cleaning Services in Hinsdale, IL today to receive a free estimate for your home or office cleaning needs. Our customer service team will be delighted to work with you to create a plan to take the stress out of properly maintaining a clean home or office!