6 Areas your cleaners will focus on for your First Time House Cleaning


When you hire a house cleaning company to come into your home to clean, one of the most important pieces of information you can have is the difference between the first house cleaning and all subsequent visits.

Regardless of whether you’ve had a professional cleaning done in the past, the first time a company cleans your home will take up to three times longer than all subsequent visits. A deep clean is necessary on the first house cleaning, but in the future, it will be faster for your cleaning crew to keep your home looking its best.

“But it’s not like my home has never been cleaned before,” you might say. While this is true, there are specific areas of the home where deep cleaning will be necessary on the first visit to ensure that your expectations are met— or even exceeded— by your house cleaning company. Here are a few examples of areas your cleaning company will need extra time for on the first time house cleaning.

First House Cleaning Focus #1: Hallways and Entryways

Hallways and entryways are important to keep clean— after all, this is where most of the dirt, germs, and grime enter your home. Areas that will need more attention are:

  • Baseboards
  • Entry rugs
  • Floors

First House Cleaning Focus #2: Kitchen

Of course, kitchens need extra love on the first house cleaning, as so much of our lives are centered around the kitchen. Cleaning happens in the kitchen every day, but there are areas that may be missed or need extra attention on occasion:

  • Cabinet doors, handles, and tops of cabinets
  • Dust and/or grease buildup on the backsplash
  • Removing buildup around faucets and base of the sink
  • Outsides of appliances (inside cleaning requires a separate charge)
  • Stovetop
  • Microwave
  • Corners and edges of floors
  • Baseboards
  • Light fixtures, switches
  • Telephones

First House Cleaning Focus #3: Bathrooms

For a small room, bathrooms can take up a lot cleaning time on the first house cleaning. There are many areas requiring a good scrub:

  • Removing buildup around faucets and base of sinks
  • Hard water stains on toilets, sinks, showers, and bathtubs
  • The outside of the toilet, including the backside and around the base
  • Towel racks
  • Light fixtures and switches
  • Corners and edges of floors
  • Baseboards

First House Cleaning Focus #4: Living Rooms and Bedrooms

There is a lot more to cleaning living rooms and bedrooms during the first house cleaning than just vacuuming or mopping. A good deep clean will include:

  • Cleaning knick-knacks, wall art and picture frames
  • Cleaning / vacuuming under couch and chair cushions
  • Taking books off shelves and wiping the shelves
  • Dusting light fixtures and lamps
  • Dust ceiling fans
  • Hand-wipe window blinds

First House Cleaning Focus #5: Utility Room

Sometimes you may not even consider a utility room as a part of the house a cleaning company will tackle. In order to get a full house cleaning, the utility room is important for a fresh, clean feel. The first time house cleaning will involve:

  • A full wipe down of the washer and dryer, inside and out, vacuuming around the machines using crevice tools
  • Removing buildup around faucets and base of sinks
  • Wiping down cabinet doors and handles

First House Cleaning Focus #6: Odds and Ends

During your first-time house cleaning, your cleaning team may need to take the time to use ladders to get to higher places in your home to dust shelves and ledges or to scrub small areas. Areas such as door frames, tile grout, and even trash cans will be cleaned in order to give your home the freshest start possible. All of these things add on to the normal time it will take your cleaning team to work on the first visit.

Once the initial deep cleaning has been done, it is much easier and faster in all subsequent visits because your cleaning team will be doing upkeep of their initial work. The blinds won’t take several passes to get all the dust off. Of course, some things will need to be done periodically that fall into the deep clean category, such as moving books to dust or cleaning tile grout. These can be spaced out throughout the months so your cleaning team still won’t ever have to spend as much time cleaning your home as on their initial house cleaning visit.

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