House Cleaning Services in Elmhurst, IL

The city of Elmhurst is a vibrant, family friendly community in the Chicagoland area. With so many things to do with your family all throughout the year, why not let someone else worry about the cleanliness of your home? Helping Hands Cleaning Services has been providing Elmhurst with the healthiest and cleanest home and work spaces for the past 11 years. There is no cleaning project our expert team cannot tackle.  

Why Hire Helping Hands Cleaning Services?

 Wouldn’t it be nice when your kids have friends over to be able to invite their parents in for coffee without worrying about whether they’ll be confronted with dust-caked end tables? Helping Hands Cleaning Service will clean your house on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly basis, ensuring your house is always guest ready.

Speaking of kids, having a cleaning service ensures your home will be professionally cleaned of dirt and germs that can lead to illness causing missed work and school. Your home will be healthier and safer after a cleaning by our highly trained cleaning experts. 

Helping Hands can also provide a healthier working environment at your office for your employees. We use all non-toxic cleaning products. Our combination of environmentally friendly products, as well as essential oils cleaning products will keep your employees and family free from exposure to harmful chemicals. We know the city of Elmhurst is committed to being environmental stewards and we are glad to do our part in our city.

 Cleaning Services

  • Spring cleaning
  • Laundry and ironing services
  • Move-in/move-out cleanings

House Cleaning:

  • Kitchen
  • Bathrooms
  •  Bedrooms
  •  Dining room
  •  Family room
  •  Foyer/hall/stairs
  •  Home office
  •  Laundry room/utility room
  •  Living room

  • Kitchen:
    • We wash:
      • Cabinets (inside and outside)
      • Appliances (inside and outside)
      • Light fixtures
      • Floor 
  • Bathrooms : 
    • We wash:
      • Shower/ tub 
      • Floor 
      • Cabinets (inside and outside)
      • Light fixtures
    • We clean:
      • Toilet 
      • Sink 
      • Light fixtures 
      • We also do a mold treatment as needed
  • Rooms (living, family, dining, bedrooms)
    • We wash:
      • Baseboards 
      • Doors 
      • Trims 
      • Window sills 
      • Blinds (vacuum or wash)
      • Light fixtures
      • Vents (vacuum or wash)
      • Ceiling fans 
      • Closet shelves
    • We vacuum:
      • Carpets 
      • Hardwood floors (vacuum and wash)
      • Closet floors (vacuum or wash inside)


  • Office cleaning:

  • Clean and sanitize all bathrooms
  • Vacuum floors throughout the office
  • Mop or scrub all hard floors
  • Remove trash and reline trash cans
  • Dust— furniture, wall-hangings, desktops and other areas
  • Lobby organization and straightening

Our cleaning professionals take pride in their work, and do not cut corners. You will love how they clean your home or office the right way, every time. Our services can be tailored to your specific needs, with a wide variety of things to chose from. 

Helping Hands strives to continue to serve the city of Elmhurst and the greater Chicagoland area with cleaner, healthier living and working spaces. Contact us today to speak with our highly motivated customer service team about how we can provide your home or office cleaning needs.