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Everyone likes a clean house, but not everyone has the ability to stay on top of housekeeping themselves. This is especially true of cancer patients. Constant doctors appointments take a lot of time and the side effects of chemotherapy treatments and surgery are draining and debilitating. 

It’s impossible to tackle household chores when you’re sick, tired, scared, or in pain. That’s where Cleaning For a Reason comes in!

About Cleaning For a Reason

Since 2006, Cleaning For a Reason has been relieving the stress and worry of house cleaning for women undergoing cancer treatments. By partnering with 1,200 house cleaning services across the US and Canada, the nonprofit has provided free house cleaning services for over 35,000 women. The goal is to let these women focus on their health and recovery while still being able to enjoy a clean home. After all, who deserves a healthy, clean environment more than someone fighting for their life! 

Having a professionally cleaned home is a treat for anyone, but it is especially meaningful to cancer patients and their families. The donated hours of cleaning help keep households functioning smoothly during a time of worry and uncertainty. 

This free service also lessens the financial burden these families incur as they face mounting medical bills. A little dusting or vacuuming may not seem like much, but to the women and their loved ones fighting cancer, having a clean, comfortable home to relax in is a godsend during this difficult time. 

Helping Hands helping cancer patients

Helping Hands Cleaning Services is a proud partner of Cleaning For a Reason. After all, “helping” is in our name! We are honored to donate free cleaning hours to the brave women undergoing cancer treatment so they can feel some safety, security, and normalcy while they heal. 

Giving back to our community is important to Helping Hands. We are happy to serve families in the Western and Southern suburbs of Chicago. Every recipient of our Cleaning For a Reason hours receives our usual high quality, trusted residential cleaning services that our loyal Chicago clients have come to love. It’s even more meaningful to us when we can provide exceptional service to the women and families of our community who are battling cancer. 

How it works

Helping Hands commits to donating 4 hours of cleaning per month for 4 months per patient FREE of charge. If you or a loved one can benefit from this free house cleaning service, follow these instructions to get started:

  • Patients should complete the short patient application with Cleaning for a Reason to pre-qualify; then a match is made.
  • If you know that Helping Hands is the cleaning service that you would like to be matched with, request our service on your application, if possible. Your application will require a doctor’s note to verify treatment.
  • Once your application is completed, you are done! The house cleaning services you are matched with (hopefully Helping Hands) will contact you to schedule your cleaning.

We hope to be able to serve you soon. We love taking the pressure of housekeeping off our clients, especially those special women and their families who are facing the struggles of cancer. 

Our Team

To date, Helping Hands Cleaning Services has donated over 450 free cleanings! This is all thanks to our dedicated team and their “helping hands.” Our team members are hard working, trained and skilled, go-the-extra-mile kind of people. We wouldn’t trust anyone more to provide excellent cleaning services to our Cleaning For a Reason families and other clients. 

There’s a reason our employees are so successful at providing all of our clients with stress-free cleaning: our secret formula of best practices for hiring and retaining the best cleaning professionals in the Chicago area. We keep our secret formula going with:

  • Our people love to clean
  • Take pride in what they do
  • Background checks
  • Random drug testing
  • Rigorous pre-employment testing
  • Pay for performance program
  • Over 100 hours of training in the first year
  • Ongoing training on surfaces and cleaning products
  • Collaborative cleaning team approach where everyone’s ideas and efforts are valued

With our secret formula, we guarantee high-quality, reliable cleaning for all of our Chicago clients. Our cleaning team has a passion for providing valuable cleaning services to help every family enjoy their home more. 

If you have questions about how Helping Hands Cleaning Services can serve you or a friend who could use convenient, stress-free house cleaning while undergoing cancer treatment, or if you’re interested in regular house cleaning services, contact us today and we’ll be glad to help you any way we can. 

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