Ready for Spring? Top Tips for Best Window Washing Practices

As the weather warms up and the days grow longer, many homeowners start to notice just how dirty their windows have gotten over the long winter. But what are the best window washing practices that every homeowner should know to achieve truly clean windows? We’ve got the tips you need to ensure that you’re not simply pushing the dirt from side to side, but instead unleashing the power of clean to improve your view as spring blooms around you.

Choose Your Window Washing Tools With Care

You might be surprised to learn that the tools you’ve probably been using to wash your windows aren’t necessarily the best tools for the job. Some people swear by newspapers, while others like the convenience of paper towels. But those are just plain messy and neither work well. Window washing shouldn’t be messy, it should be quick and easy.

There are always new products on the market that promise that they’ll make your windows shinier than ever before if you just make a (pretty hefty) investment, but you really only need four tools:

All of these tools can be found easily at your local home goods store, or even ordered online. The best kind of squeegee to buy is one that uses replaceable rubber. As the rubber wears, you’ll start to see rounded edges, which means you’ll start to see streaks. A professional squeegee will allow you to flip the rubber around so you can use both sides before replacing it. You’ll be amazed at what a difference the right tools make in getting a streak-free window surface.

What Cleaning Product Works Best for Window Washing?

There’s a huge array of cleaning products available for cleaning your windows, but what’s best? In this case, the least expensive option is really just as effective as the priciest bottled product you can find on the market.

You need something that won’t leave streaks of course, and one of the easiest (both in effort expended and on your wallet) solutions is to simply add about 1 tablespoon of dishwashing liquid to the lukewarm or cool water in your window bucket. Swish it around a bit with your applicator to make a few suds and you’re ready to go!

Tune Up Your Window Washing Technique

If you’re accustomed to simply spraying some cleaning solution on the window and wiping it around, it’s time to learn the best window washing practices! Before you introduce liquid to the window, be sure that you’ve wiped away any debris or cobwebs that you might find in or around the window.

Once the window is cleared, dip the applicator into your bucket to get it wet, run your hand over the applicator to remove the excess liquid, and then scrub the applicator up and down the window methodically. Pay particular attention to any “rough” patches you might encounter, scrubbing with extra vigor to remove them.

Strike Back at Streaks

Once the window starts to feel clean, it’s time to squeegee the window. Start by wiping about an inch of liquid across the top of the window. Place your squeegee in this dry space and then pull the squeegee from the top of the window to the bottom, wiping it dry again between strokes. Creating the dry space at the top of the window with your microfiber cloth helps to prevent streaking as you move down the window. If the window is wider than it is long, create the dry space on the left side of the window, and then pull your squeegee from left to right across the window and work your way down.

Finally, take your microfiber cloth or chamois and run it around the edges of the window. This will prevent any remaining drips from marring your work.

Put the Best Window Washing Practices to Work

It’s as easy as that! Use the right tools for the job, the best cleaning solution, and the proper technique, and you’ll be delighted with the results. Take the tips we’ve provided, and get to work improving your view one window at a time.

Not feeling it this season? We’d be happy to help! Helping Hands offers a variety of services that will help maintain your home, including inside window cleaning and more.

Contact us today, and you’ll be free to enjoy the beautiful spring weather however you please.