Do You Really Need to Tidy Up Before the Cleaners Come?


Why Tidy Up Your Home?

We’re not suggesting that you actually haul out the mop and bucket and clean the floors, but you should be sure that you’ve done at least a rudimentary tidy up before your cleaners’ appearance. Why? Well, the more time your cleaning service spends on tidying your home, the less time they’ll have to devote to actual cleaning. Do you want them to scrub your sink? Be sure that you’ve emptied it of dirty dishes. (Most services don’t do dishes unless you’ve made arrangements for them to do so.) They can pick up the toys from the living room floor, but that leaves no time for them to vacuum the crumbs from the couch.

Manage Your Own Expectations

You need to think about why you’ve hired the cleaners to come to your home; do you want them to do the chores you hate or don’t have time to do, like dusting or cleaning the toilets? The less time they spend picking up and organizing, the more “heavy lifting” they can do. Be sure that you’ve provided them with a blank slate so they can focus on the detail work. Be sure that you have a good understanding of the services that the company you’ve hired provides— you want your expectations to be in line with what they offer! Ask questions so that you know that everyone’s on the same page, and you’ll be pleased by the outcome.

Say, for example, that you want your cleaners to clean your children’s bedrooms. However, the kids have left clothing and toys strewn everywhere. You’ve put your cleaners in a tough spot; it’s very hard to vacuum around clutter, so they’ll have to pile everything on top of the freshly made bed. It doesn’t look as clean as they’d like it to look, but they’re not sure where else to put everything they picked up. A quick run-through prior to their arrival will leave more impressive results. Plus, it’s a great way to encourage your kids to pick up after themselves! It’s a win-win!

Everything In Its Place

Most people have a particular place for their belongings, and you’re probably no exception. If you take the time to tidy up your home prior to the arrival of your cleaners, you can ensure that everything is put in its proper spot. Your cleaners don’t know what goes where, so you’ll likely end up frustrated when you’re unable to locate an important item. Papers, in particular, have a high potential for being thrown away when they’re not properly stored. Do your cleaners a favor and put away any papers that are of vital importance prior to their arrival.

Another factor to consider is your valuables. If you’ve got something that is very expensive, or of high sentimental value, and you don’t want to introduce the possibility of a mishap occurring involving this particular object, it’s best to put it away somewhere safe, or let your cleaners know that you don’t want them to interact with it if it’s too large to store elsewhere. A quality cleaning service will respect your wishes, and they’ll hire people who you feel comfortable having in your home, further reducing worry about your valuables.

So, while it might seem crazy to take the time to tidy up before your cleaners arrive, it’s really the best way to ensure that your home will be as clean as possible after they’ve left. Clearing the decks will allow them to get their job done quickly and efficiently, and you and your cleaners will be happy with the results.