Top 4 Back-To-School Organization Hacks

The summer feels crazy at times. You’ve got the kids home all day or you’re running kids to camps before work instead of putting them on the bus. There are day camps, swimming lessons, summer sports, and more. That said, summer is generally more relaxed than the hustle and bustle that makes up the school year. Most of us don’t take our kids activities during the summer too seriously, so there isn’t a lot of pressure.

Until August.

Then, parents and children alike get highly anxious about the sheer number of things that must be done before school starts. The schedule gets more stringent, as does the general sense that what we do now matters more than what we’ve done all summer.

To help you ease some of that anxiety for you and your children, we’ve put together a list of back-to-school organizational hacks to help you be prepared, and hopefully more relaxed, when school starts.

Stock Up

Stocking up on certain supplies toward the end of the summer will make your life a lot easier once school starts!

School Supplies

Obviously, you get a list of school supplies from your children’s school, but why not buy a couple more packs of paper than listed? Or a few more dry erase markers, a few more folders, or even some poster board for last-minute projects.  If you’re fully stocked at home, you’re less likely to be caught off guard at 8 pm on a school night when your child says they are out of paper and need some for the next day!


Plan out meals for the first week of school. If your child takes their lunch, discuss what they’d like to bring so that you can be sure to have it on hand. Nutritious breakfasts and dinners will help your child feel good during that first week.

We all get a little lazy about what we eat and what time we eat during the summer, but all that will have to change once school starts. You’ll feel less stressed with a trip to the grocery store before school starts and a plan for meals makes the first week less hectic.

Schedule Reboot

Your schedule in the summer is likely very relaxed. You might not adhere to a strict bedtime if your kids are just doing day camp with swimming and arts and crafts. They probably get up a little later than they routinely do on a school day— after all, they can just roll out of bed and head to science camp.

Ease Into a School Schedule

Sit down and figure out the first week of the school schedule. What time does the bus come? How long does it take your child to eat breakfast? How long to get dressed and brush their teeth? Then you’ll know what time you need to get them up.

A few weeks before school starts, try getting them up 15-20 minutes earlier each day. This will ease them back into their schedule. Bedtime might automatically become earlier because they will be tired from getting up earlier. The week before school starts, make sure you’re going to bed at the usual school time and getting up when you’ll have to for school. It will make it easier on them and you’ll know what to expect.

Mock Morning

If your little ones are having anxiety about the first day of school, pick a day before school starts to have a run through of a normal morning. Get them up on time, have a normal breakfast, go get dressed, brush teeth and hair, get shoes on, pack backpacks and lunches, and walk to the bus stop or drive to the school. It will ease their minds that they will be on time, if not early, for the first day.

Clean The House

There isn’t as much to keep track of during the summer, so it is easy to let things get a little messy and to fall off the organization wagon. Cleaning the house and having designated areas for school stuff will make the transition easier for everyone.

Calendar and File Area

Have an area where you can write things on a calendar as well as keep important papers, like field trip permission slips or instructions about assignments. If your children are older and can write on the calendar themselves, consider assigning everyone a color. That way, they can write in their own notes on the calendar. This will be accessible to everyone, so nothing falls through the cracks.

Backpacks, Shoes, Clothes

For younger kids, it might be a great idea to pick out clothes for the whole week. You could even use a hanging shoe storage device with five slots, and put each day’s clothing in it with pants/skirt, underwear, socks, and a shirt. When they’ve already picked out the whole week on Sunday night, there’s less debate in the morning when you’re ready to head out the door.

Have a designated area for backpacks as well. If there is no cubby area in your home, make one with a basket for shoes and a stick or wall hook for the backpack and coat. That way there is never any last minute search for a left shoe.

Sleep, Nutrition, and Exercise

These are three important factors for successful and confident children. When they’re missing any of these, it can lead to anxiety or behavior issues. Help your kids start out the year right with good sleep, proper nutrition, and regular exercise.

Steps to a good night’s sleep

There are many ways you can help your child get a good night’s sleep, these are just a few suggestions:

  • No technology (TV, iPads, video games) for 2 hours before bedtime
  • No caffeine for 8 hours before bedtime
  • Make sure their room is cool and dark (try blackout blinds for those early days when the sun does not set until after bedtime)
  • Essential oils for relaxation
  • Consistent bedtime every night

An Hour of Activity a Day

One of the greatest ways to help a child get enough sleep is to allow them to get their energy out before bed. All day long they are expected to sit and pay attention, which is mentally draining. They may be tired but unable to sleep because they have not gotten a proper amount of physical activity.  Consider enrolling your child in organized sports, swimming lessons, or even just visiting the local playground for an hour in the afternoon to get the activity they need.

An Apple a Day

Many parents are more relaxed about what their children eat in the summertime. When school approaches, it’s a great time to refocus on nutrition. It can be tough to make dinner and breakfast every day, but there are great meal plans that will allow you to meal prep for the entire week, saving you time on the busy school days.

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