About Us

Life is busy, chaotic, filled with endless to do lists. Seize the moment! Live life to its fullest - that’s our motto.

Ready for a career change and dissatisfied with several cleaning services, owner Gosia decided to start a business of her own, one where she could improve the lives of others and fill a void in the cleaning industry. Cleaners were running late, rushing through the house, and missing corners, causing headaches and disappointment to the home owners. Helping Hands was created with the highest standards and instantly thrived because of the perspective of the client at the business’ core. Gosia, being in business since 2001 took her dedication to the cleaning industry to the next level. She serves on the board of the cleaning associate; ARCSI division of ISSA to raise the level of quality cleanings throughout the nation.

Our Team

Tanya Studencki

Billing Manager

Carmina Quintana

Scheduling Manager

Keri Woehl 

Customer Service Specialist 

Mati Camacho

Field Supervisor

Mary Solache

Field Supervisor

Isabel Jimenez

Field Manager